What Feelings Sound Like | A Blog By Beatwize: Amor Jones - "And More" (Prod. by know:Jaunder)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Amor Jones - "And More" (Prod. by know:Jaunder)

I've been following this dude Jones for a little while. Nefarious! put me on to his last mixtape, which was incredible. But that was just before I head out into my dream world and completely forgot about the kid. Today I got this track slipped into my inbox. Here's a track from Amor off his upcoming tape "The Wake Up Show". The beat is crafted by someone who'll sound familiar if you follow the blog - know:Jaunder of the Cosmic Souls Collective. In fact, the whole CSC (Nefarious!, know:Jaunder, Time Travel, & Juno Complex) will handle the production on this tape! Excited? I definitely am. Ill lyrics and no-doubt amazing beats? Sign me up for a copy! For now, here's a quick flavour test of what's to come. Check it out!