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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Consequence - Whatever You Like (Feat. Kanye West & John Legend)

Song's as hot as the lineup. Definitely looking forward to 'ConsTV'.


Via Kanye's Blog.

Beatwize - Nas Is Like [Bach Remix] - Nas

The single off of my upcoming album entitled "Classical State of Mind". In this album, as you will see in the song, I will be sampling classical music from composers like Bach and Mozart and remixing classic Nas tracks such as this one. DOWNLOAD & STREAM is right after the YouTube video. Hope you enjoy it!




Royce Da 5'9" - Gun Harmonizing

New leak off the upcoming "Revival EP". Really dope stuff, as usual, from Nickel-Nine.


Via 2dopeboyz.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Consequence Renames Upcoming Album

Cons' has been out the game for a little while since his first release ("Don't Quit Your Day Job"). Here you'll see Cons' and John [the] Legend finishing up the first single "Whatever You Want". The new album was originally called "You Win Some, You Lose Some", but due to the popularity of his net-show, he has renamed it to "ConsTV", after the show itself. Here's some more info..

Joe Jackson Needs a Heart Transplant..

..'cause the one he has now is made of stone. Everyone already knows how terrible of a father he was, but this is taking it too far. At least feel guilt for the way you treated your own son (and his siblings) you cold hearted..bleh. Honestly, when you have fans that care more about you than your own father, it's just..ugh, w/e..here's the video.

Artist of the Week: Michael Jackson (R.I.P.)

What better way to kick off the Artist of the Week series than the late, great King of Pop, Michael Jackson?

You must be wondering why a non-hip-hop artist is being featured. Well, you're very wrong about that. Jackson has influenced countless hip-hop artists and has been sampled on numerous tracks, classic and new. From Nas, Jay-Z, and Raekwon to Kanye West, Mike has been in the hearts of hip-hop fans longer than they've ever known.

Last week, Michael Jackson died unexpectedly - leaving family, friends, and fans in grief. But rather than remaining in this sadness, we have to celebrate his life as he lives through his heart-stealing music, legendary dance, and innovative videos.

So here's a week to you. As promised, there's playlist with a lot of his tracks (53 to be exact) and you'll be seeing random blurbs etc. about the great man here! So stay tuned!!

Would you like to be featured as Artist of the Week? Get at me! -- beatwize@gmail.com

Jay-Z - Death of Autotune Video

Finally here! Lots of cameos as well. Check itttt..

Jay-Z - D.O.A. Live at BET Awards

So I'm very much against this award show. But..it's Hov..so..

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kanye West - Heartless Live on Ellen

Man..Kanye is possibly one of the best performers in hip-hop right now. Check this out..

Wale Performing "Chillin'" at SPNYC

That audience knew EVERY word. Really cool..

Kanye West - Streetlights Fan Video

Someone on YouTube made a video for the track "Streetlights" off of "808s & Heartbreak". This is like, my favorite song off the album, so I'm glad there's a video.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Clipse - Eyes On Me (Feat. Keri Hilson)

New from their new album "Till The Casket Drops" which releases September 8th. Check it out, pretty dope.


Lupe Fiasco - L.A.S.E.R.S. Manifesto

I was already hyped for this. But this..this is epic. WE ARE LOSERS LASERS!


To Every Man, Woman & Child…
1. We Want An End To The Glamorization Of Negativity In The Media.
2. We Want An End To Status Symbols Dictating Our Worth As Individuals.
3. We Want A Meaningful And Universal Education System.
4. We Want Substance In The Place Of Popularity.
5. We Will Not Compromise Who We Are To Be Accepted By The Crowd.
6. We Want The Invisible Walls That Separate By Wealth, Race & Class To Be Torn Down.
7. We Want To Think Our Own Thoughts.
8. We Will Be Responsible For Our Environment.
9. We Want Clarity & Truth From Our Elected Officials Or They Should Move Aside.
10. We Want Love Not Lies.
11. We Want An End To All Wars. Foreign & Domestic (Violence).
12. We Want An End To The Processed Culture Of Exploitation, Over-Consumption & Waste.
13. We Want Knowledge, Understanding & Peace.

Lasers are the opposite of losers. Lasers are shining beams of light that burn through the darkness of ignorance. Lasers shed light on injustice and inequality. Losers stand by and let things happen. Lasers act and shape their own destinies. Lasers find meaning and direction in the mysteries all around them. Lasers stand for love and compassion. Lasers stand for peace. Lasers stand for progression. Lasers are revolutionary.

Lasers Are The Future.

We’re Not Losers…We Are L.A.S.E.R.S.!!!

Love Always Shines Every-time Remember 2 Smile!

-Lupe Fiasco

Kid Cudi - Man on the Moon: The End of Day TRAILER

A trailer for Cudi's upcoming album. So excited for this. "Man on the Moon: The End Of Day" releases August 25th!!

Cookin' Soul Presents: Michael Jackson - Tribute to the King of Pop (Mixtape)

Oh MAN, this is NUTS. You guys haave to check this out. Cookin' Soul with that Michael Jackson mash-up mixtape. Definitely check this out, it's absolutely amazing. Enough hype, let's get to the music. Download is after the covers.


Props to Cookin' Soul!

Jay-Z - D.O.A. Video Trailer

It's coming..

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Songs Used in Hip-Hop Samples

Like Rhymefest said, he was the King of Music. Here's a list of hip-hop songs sampling Michael's work. A lot of 'em here, and it's still missing some. This is crazy. Via Defsounds.

U-N-I React to MJ Passing on Stage

Asher + Hot97 = Crazy Freestyle

God damn, he rips it.

The Game, Chris Brown, Diddy, Polow Da Don, Mario Winans, Usher, Boyz II Men – Better On The Other Side (Tribute To MJ)

Massive collabo produced by DJ Khalil. A tribute to the greatest.


Via herfection.

Artists of the Week

So to make the blog a bit more interesting I plan on creating weekly artist themes on the site. Each week you'll see a new banner with the artist of the week. There will be a featured playlist on the right where you see currently see the iPhone music stream.

You'll notice that the King of Pop is currently in the banner. Now, usually these weekly themes will start on a Sunday, but I decided that we should start this on early because of the recent events. On Sunday night or Monday morning you'll see a playlist of some of Jackson's amazing music.

Now, are you an upcoming artist that wants some great promotion, contact me with some of your music and maybe you can be featured for a whole week on the site! Again, that includes your picture in the banner and a playlist of your music on the page, along with posts of music/news etc. of you that I want to put up AS WELL AS you being put in the "Artist of the Week" archive. So get at me -- beatwize@gmail.com

This is what this blog is all about. This is What Feelings Sound Like.



Rhymefest - Man in the Mirror [MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE]

Yesterday was a hard day for Michael Jackson fans worldwide. Today, a day after the initial pain we find many people giving their regards to his family, friends, and fans. Rhymefest is one of these artists. He has re-released his '07 mixtape that sampled/remixed Jackson's music as a free download dedicated to the memory of the King of Pop Music. In 'Fest's words:

"People like to refer to MJ as the King of Pop. I disagree. I think many of us realize he was the King of Music, redefining the way many artists approach their craft; whether it be Hip-Hop, soul, R&B, blues, pop and rock. Please download MAN IN THE MIRROR and recapture his misunderstood beauty." - Rhymefest

So here it is. "Man in the Mirror: A Tribute to Michael Jackson".


R.I.P. Michael Jackson.

Method Man & Redman - International Girl [Video]

I love the beat on this song. So smooth, probably my fave track on "Blackout 2" - I'm so glad they made a video for this. They look..different..hahaha..

Thursday, June 25, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

August 29, 1958 - June 25TH 2009

Today, we lost another legend. Today, an artist that changed the face of music, dance, and music video passed away. As most of you already know, Michael Jackson died today after suffering from a heart attack. Even through all the controversy, he was and always will be known as the king of pop. So here's to you, Mr. Jackson. To a lifetime of amazing artistry. Cheers & Peacepeace.

Nas & Damian Marley - Distant Relatives Trailer

Here's a trailer for the Esco/Jr. Gong collab album entitled "Distant Relatives". If you missed it, yesterday I dropped a snippet from the album. Click here to check that out. And now, the video:

Kanye's New Video is..obnoxious?

So I was blog searching today and found out the new Kanye video is coming out for the Lil' Wayne collaboration on his 808s album entitled "See You in my Nightmares". The video is directed by the one and only Spike Jonze and has been turned into a short movie called "We Were Once A Fairytale". The Daily Swarm got to check out the premier and it seems they were kinda disgusted. After reading the article, I think I would be too. This is what they said:
Kanye West was rolling deep at the Los Angeles Film Festival tonight, surprising the audience with the premier of a short film by Spike Jonze called We Were Once A Fairytale.

In the film, Kanye plays himself drunk at a club acting belligerent and boastful, telling starstruck club-goers that the song playing in the club is his. He wanders into a side room where he encounters a beautiful woman. They start having sex and then he passes out on her leopard print dress. When he comes to, he finds himself in the VIP room with his pants down – he was hallucinating and fucking the pillow. The realization startles him and he rushes to the bathroom where he vomits what look like rose petals.

Then it gets weird.

Kanye finds a bowie knife in the bathroom and cuts into his stomach, spilling a torrent of more petals. He digs in the knife deeper and then with his hand rips out a small furry rodent, like a demon, only its quite cute. When Kanye realizes it’s connected to him with an umbilical cord, he pulls it hard, ripping it out of him for good. He then puts the demon on the sink and hands him a tiny bowie knife to fit the critter’s scale who then uses it to commit hari kari.

The short, written and directed by Spike Jonze, walks the fine line between self aggrandizement and self mockery that runs through all of Kanye’s endeavors. But the filmmaking is on point, with cinematography and sound design that authentically renders that feeling of being really disoriented in a nightclub. One doesn’t need to love Kanye to love the film, but the Jonze short takes what people love and hate about Kanye’s persona and then pushes it into a new, trippy realm. And in case you’re wondering, the answer is no, Kanye still can’t act. The film features the song “See you in my Nightmares” from 808s and Heartbreaks, remixed and pretty severely tweaked by Spike Jonze’s brother and N.A.S.A.‘s Squeak E. Clean (Sam Spiegel).
Wow..I always knew Kanye had off-the-rocker videos, but this is something else. I don't think I even want to see this for myself. But I probably will.

DJ Premier Interview

TheUndergroundComeUp.com interviews the greatest producer hip-hop ever had.

The Roots - How I Got Over [Live on Jimmy Fallon]

The Roots are back with a new single "How I Got Over" from the upcoming album with the same name. Very dope track, check it out.

Via NahRight.

MSTRKRFT & John Legend - Heartbreaker [Live on Letterman]

I love this song. And it's just as good live. If you don't know them, MSTRKRFT is an electronic group from Toronto, Canada (yea!). And you already know John is truly a legend. Off their new album "Fist of God".

That's what you call G.O.O.D. Music.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pac Div - Mayor [Video]

Really dope track that came out a while back; now there's a video. I love this group. Amazing old school flavor, like Cool Kids..who appear in the video as a matter of fact. Off their self-titled EP. Check it.

Nas & Damian Marley - As We Are [Snippet]

New snippet off the upcoming Nas/Damian collab album "Distant Relatives". This is pretty dope, check it out.


Clipse - Eyes On Me x I'm Good Video BTS

Just a couple of days after Clipse's single (Kinda Like a Big Deal) video drops, we have a leak of another track off their upcoming album "Till The Casket Drops" (dropping Sept. 2009) entitled "Eyes on Me" feat. Keri Hilson. Along with that, we have a Behind the Scenes of their upcoming video for their next single "I'm Good" which features Pharrell. These guys are doing it big. Can't wait to hear more!

Eyes On Me (Feat. Keri Hilson): DOWNLOAD/STREAM

I'm Good (Feat. Pharrell) Video BTS:

Reflection Eternal - Back Again Video

Talib & Hi-Tek's second collaborative project is coming out soon. Their first project together entitled "Train of Thought" came out in Y2K and was processed as a classic to numerous hip-hop fans. Now they're back and better than ever with the upcoming album "Revolutions Per Minute". The first single off the much-awaited LP is "Back Again" and it's a complete reflection, pardon the pun, of their classic style. So here's the video for you to enjoy.

Spotted on ONSmash.

Bryan Greenberg & Kid Cudi - You Can Run (Live)

Live performance by Cudi & Greenberg. The Kid comes out at 1:48. Very dope performance.

Spotted at G.O.O.D. Music Blog.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beatwize - The Blank Tapes Vol. 1: Where's the BlendMaster?! [WFSL Exclusive]

It's here! The first of the Blank Tapes, the blends trilogy by yours truly. The download and stream links are after the covers. Don't forget to leave feedback!!

DATPIFF DOWNLOAD/STREAM -- will be up in a few days!

Hope you enjoy!



Charles Hamilton Speaks on Hip-Hop Today Pt. 2

Part 1 Here.

This time he talks about 2Pac, the Internet, Jay-Z, and much more.

Joe Budden All Access Interview

Joe Budden talks candidly about Method Man/Busta Rhymes, Slaughter House and JoeBuddenTV.

B.o.B. - Wonderland (Prod. by SMK)

New from B.o.B. This one's called "Wonderland". Haven't given it a listen yet, but I'm sure it's as good as everything else from this talented dude.


Saigon - Change Gon' Come Video

New video from Saigon. This one's called "Change Gon' Come", very dope. Produced by one of my favorite groups, the Kickdrums. Leaked off the upcoming Three/21 Media’s "Inside a Change" which comes out next month.

Nero feat. Dante L - Runnin’

Last segment of "Alive & Vibrant: Propaganda". Nero's re-release of A&V entitled "Alive & Vibrant: Relive the Moment" comes out early July. But for now, here's the track..


5 O'Clock Shadowboxers - The Slow Twilight

It's here! The much awaited project from the 5 O'Clock Shadowboxers. Dropped a couple tracks on here earlier, but here's the full project. Very dope from what I've heard so far. Download link after the covers.


Via SmokingSection.

DJ JS-1 On Regis & Kelly - LMAO!

JS-1 the great hops on Regis & Kelly and has an interesting time. Regis learns how to scratch a turntable and Kelly becomes the emcee. Too funny, you guys gotta check this out. DJ JS-1's "No Sell-Out" drops TODAY on iTunes, so COP that!! It's definitely a not-to-miss from what I gather from the leaked tracks.

Spotted at NahRight.

Will.i.am Joins Twitter to Clear Rumors [Video + Image]

Looks like Black Eyed Peas frontman and hip-hop producer Will.i.am has decided to get a Twitter account, but for his own personal reasons. If you've been following hip-hop news, you know about Will's and Perez Hilton's little..umm..incident (which was in the city I reside in, Toronto). After the whole thing Perez hopped Twitter and told everyone Will started the argument that led to physical violence, but looks like Will had his own side to the story. He says it all in the video.

Spotted on theRapUp.

Slaughterhouse BTS of their First Single's Video

Here's a behind the scenes of the making of the video for their first single, "The One". Directed by Rick Cordero. Check it.

“Last week, Three/21 and the infamous Slaughterhouse crew shot “The One” video which is their upcoming single off their upcoming E1 Records debut. The entire video takes place in the penthouse of the Night Hotel and amidst all the debauchery and drunkeness, the fellas manage to spit serious fire power. Enjoy the official Behind The Scenes footage in the link below.”

Spotted at MissInfo.tv.

World of Warcraft Spaz-Out

His mom canceled his World of Warcraft subscription. His brother taped his reaction and then posted it on the internet. Seems like the world is out to get him, no? Well..maybe there's a good reason. Check it out..

Via TodaysbigThing.com.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Papoose - Pay Homage

Remember this guy? Wow, Pap, how long has it been? Maybe I missed a couple tracks or something, but I haven't heard anything from him in a long time. Anyways. Coming out of nowhere, here's a new track by Pap-oose, Pap..oose!


Clipse - Kinda Like A Big Deal (Feat. Kanye West) Video

Clipse's new video featuring Kanye. Via OnSmash.

Life-Sized Lego Cello

Haha, pretty cool. Nathan Sawaya makes a life-sized cello using Lego blocks.

Via Kanye's Blog.

The Alchemist Lists his Top-12 Producer-Rappers

Alch goes ahead and gives a top-12 list of his favorite producers that rap as well to Nodfactor.com. Some obvious ones on the list are RZA, Dilla, Kanye, and Large Professor. Good list but..where's Q-Tip? DOOM? Danny? I know it's only 12, but I think my list would have been different. But to each his own; watch below..

Chemical Warfare comes out July 7th!

Wale Talks Lady GaGa, Jay-Z, and more + Freestyle

Two Wale videos today. This one's an interview with ThisIs50.com and he talks about collaborations and there's a freestyle as well.

B.o.B. - Who the F is B.o.B.? Mixtape - NO DJ!

B.o.B. was kind enough to drop a no-DJ version of his upcoming tape. Haven't been able to give it a listen yet, but I haven't heard anything from him that I don't like so I'll probably get the same here. Check it out! Download link is after the covers..



Wale Performing Chillin'

Wale is so sick. This track is my jam right now; been banging this out the car. Here it is live by Wale along with cARTer.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Charles Hamilton Speaks on Hip-Hop Today

Charles gets up on HardKnockTv and speaks on who's hot and who he respects. A lot of things said here, so keep a close ear.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dead Prez - Refuse To Lose (Ft. Avery Storm & Chuck D)

It's that new ish from the Prez. Add up with Avery and Chuck and there's definitely heat. Off the upcoming Dead Prez DJ Green Lantern-hosted mixtape "Pulse of the People". If you're going to skip something today, it should NOT be this. So grab it ASAP!


DJ JS-1 - Clear N’ Present Danger f. KRS-One & Canibus

Another leak off of DJ JS-1's upcoming album "Original Ground: No Sell-Out". Very dope song with KRS the teacher and Canibus the great. Definitely check this one out. Enjoy!


Friday, June 19, 2009

Wale & 9th Wonder - Back To The Feature (Free Mixtape)

Finally! The much anticipated Wale & 9th Wonder! Here it is! Download link after the covers.



Lupe Fiaso's Site Updated

Looks like the new album promotion has started. Pretty cool. Above is a screenshot.

Lupe Speaks on Clothing Line

The Fiasco talks about Trilly&Truly.

Chali 2na x 2

Two new drops from Chali 2na's much awaited and delayed album "Fish Outta Water". I'm listening to them right now, and first listen already has me wanting more. C'mon 2na! Bring on the LP!

Lock Shit Down Feat. Talib Kweli
Don't Stop Feat. Anthony Hamilton


Wu-Tang Chamber Leaks - Ill Figures x Harbor Masters

Looks like Wu-Tang's new album sprung a leak. Here's what's up..

Raekwon Feat. M.O.P & Kool G Rap - Ill Figures
Ghostface Killah & Inspectah Deck Feat. AZ - Harbor Masters

That's 3 leaks in one day. And it's turning out to be a pretty ill album.

Inspectah Deck, U-God & Masta Ace - Kill Too Hard

New Wu ish! Pretty sick, definitely don't skip this! Off "Chamber Music", coming out June 30th!

"All you ringtone rappers, please stay home"


Nas & Swizz Beats - Get Worried

New Nas & Swizz Beats! Pretty hot, definitely a nice summer track.


Via MissInfo.tv.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Slaughterhouse feat. M.O.P. - Woodstock

SICK song. What else do you expect from Slaughterhouse plus the Posse? Can't wait for an official project!


ThreatZ - Cinderella Girl (Ft. Oh!)

New track by ThreatZ. Off of his upcoming mixtape called "Back to the Drawing Board". Check it out.


Wale - Wonder Why (Feat. Big Sean) (Prod. 9th Wonder)

Whoops! Nope, no mistake. That's right, two Wale drops in one day. This one's got G.O.O.D. Music's Big Sean, Justus League's 9th Wonder, and Mike Posner. Off "Students of the Culture", coming soon! Sick line-up, sick song. Check it.


Via 2dopeboyz.

Asher Roth & U-N-I - Go Kart Remix

The intro from "Asleep in the Bread Aisle" gets the U-N-I treatment. Really ill verses. Check it out.


Q-Tip Honored Producer's Conference

Q-Tip got honored at the OSS Producer's Conference. He goes on to dedicate the award to the late, great J Dilla. Congrats, Tip!

Beatwize - I Gotcha [Beatwize Blend] - Lupe Fiasco & Pharrell

Here's a track leak from the WFSL exclusive tape by yours truly. The tape is called "The Blank Tapes Vol. 1: Where's the BlendMaster?!" and comes out June 30th RIGHT here, first! The tracks being blended are "I Gotcha" by Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell off his "Food & Liquor" over the Just Blaze produced track "Storm Remix" by Lenny Kravitz and Jay-Z. Enjoy it and spread the word!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

DJ JS-1 - Ridiculous f. OC & Pharoahe Monch

SO sick. This dude is amazing, definitely check this out. Off DJ JS-1's upcoming album "Original Ground: No Sell-Out" (I like that) which notably has 21 tracks with nearly 40 artists! That's what you call an features-list. This one has OC & the one and only Pharoahe.


Big ups to 2dopeboyz!

Mos Def Performs "Quiet Dog" Live on Letterman

Mos Def is probably one of my favorite performers. Here he does a track off his new album The Estatic. At first few listens I didn't like it, but after a while it's grown on me. This was probably one of my faves off the disc. So here it is, live with Letterman. Rapping + Tom Toms. Only Def..haha!

Obama Kills Fly Ninja Style!

Oh man..this is too good. Obama's a ninja!

Royce Da 5'9 - Redemption (D.O.A. Freestyle)

Royce raps over Death of Autotune on this track "Redemption". Did someone say 'Charles Hamilton'? Looks like he isn't happy about the disrespect Charles displayed for his late city-mate J Dilla. This one's ILL so don't skip it.


Via 2dopeboyz.

RZA Speaks on 'Chamber Music'

The Rzarector speaks on the upcoming Wu-Tang album, 'Chamber Music'. I really hope this ends up better than '8 Diagrams'. 'Chamber Music' is out on June 30th!

5 O'Clock Shadowboxers - Weak Stomach + Other tracks

A new track from 5 O'Clock Shadowboxers. Off their FREE album entitled "The Slow Twilight" which comes out June 23rd (mark your calendars). This one's called Weak Stomach. But before the video, here's two other tracks from this great group:

Stay Clean (Download/Stream)
Rabbit Season f. Nico the Beast (Download/Stream)

And now for the feature presentation:

Props to 2dopeboyz for introducing the internet to the group!

City Haze - On My Way (Feat. Levar Thomas)

New from City Haze. Awesome track, definitely check this out. Off his upcoming street album entitled "Star of the City".


Shouts to 2dopeboyz!

LL Cool J Speaks on Joe Budden & Busta Rhymes+Method Man Beef

Interesting stuff. Props to GlobalGrindTV.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Serius Jones - Got Bars Pt. 5 [Crabs In A Barrell Edition]

Serius Jones drops the newest Got Bars segment. After the embedded vid I've posted Parts 1-4 AND some extra Serius Jones material for all that haven't been keeping up. Dude's sick, don't sleep!

Part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9TIk4ZDtQE
Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwTPLjMtlos
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-wZD9UqGYs
Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_hutiAqMlA

Why So Serius?
Serious Bizness

For more, hit up his site - GetSeriusNetwork


Mickey Factz - Flying Balloons (Prod. by Cookin' Soul)

A leak off of Nah Right's upcoming mixtape entitled "1:00am and Rising" in collaboration with Cookin' Soul, a production team. Pitching very smooth and soulful beats, this group has me straight from this song. I haven't heard anything else, but I'll definitely be looking out for their stuff now. This beat is laced with Mickey Factz's vocals. Very well made.


Props to NahRight!

Rakim's '7th Seal' Cover Released?

..or at least HMV makes it look so. Rakim's "upcoming" album is almost 2 years late, and NOW we got a possible cover. At least this shines some hope on a release. HMV says July 20th, but I'm not holding my breath. But anyways, here's cover..
Bah..it looks like it was slapped together last minute even though he's had a lot of time. Very bad on Ra's part.

Shouts to Miunex for finding this!
Main Source

Kid Cudi - Excuse My Mood

New Cudi! This guy definitely grew on me over time. He's very original and individualistic and I love it! Really feeling this track as well.


Props to 2dopeboyz!

Lupe Fiasco - Shining Down (Feat. Marcus Santos)

He's back! New single from Lupe and Santos. Off of 'We Are Lasers'. The hook reminds me of 'Lollipop' (ugh), mainly because the melody is very similar. But ill track regardless! Check it out!

DOWNLOAD/STREAM - Deleted. Read update.

Props to herfection.

UPDATE: Lupe himself has requested to fans through The LupE.N.D. Blog to not leak his music. Sorry guys, gotta respect the artist's wishes. Best of luck to Lupe and the famm! Also, Marcus Santos has confirmed that this was a preliminary version that needs extra mixing meds.