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Sunday, October 11, 2009

So..yeahh.. [Updates, Changes, & More]

First and foremost, my apologies for the sudden disappearance. I got numerous emails and tweets asking me where I ran off to. Truth is, I ran off nowhere. I've been here - not around - HERE. ON my laptop. Doing homework and work-related business. Blogging, and even music, was so packed behind all the other work that got piled up that I had to disappear from both WFSL and Twitter, and even two forums I'm on (one of which that died; coincidence - I think not! lol, nah).

Also, about my albums. "Classical State of Mind" is still in the making. I'm a couple tracks into that; I expect to be done that sometime mid-next year. Those blendstapes will drop in by surprise - you know I had to finish up the Blank Tapes. I didn't forget, don't worry! As for other projects, I'll let you know. Things are moving quick, so I can't promise anything.

But on a bright note, I've figured out a way to turn things around and make this blog more active during my busy days. NO, I have not hired extra staff, but rather there will be a change in the "weekly" business that won't keep me tied down on focusing on one artist. In the last little while I've gotten so many emails from artists that definitely deserve the promotion.

Instead of racking them behind numerous others for dozens of weeks, there will now only be "Featured Artists". No more weekly artists; whenever I receive something really nice in the mail, you'll not only hear what I got but a whole set of music and all of that.

Another change you'll see is that I will only be doing INDIE & CANADIAN music from now on. No more mainstream drops. Fresh-cut, underground, unknown music that I know everyone will love. This is the new direction of the blog and the way the site looks will reflect that soon as well.

Now I'd like to apologize to the sites that held me down and I had to leave'em for a little while. Shouts to aboveGround Mag and The Find Mag. You already knew I work with AGM with my opinionated blogs, and may or may not have noticed my disappearance on that set. I'll be posting something for this week, so look out for it! TFG is a newer site that spanned off of my boy Heaps's website MusicalSchizophrenia. That site began an e-mag called The Find which is now an online-website-mag. It's really dope and I urge you to check it out. It's REALLY dope and brings out REALLY nice music. In fact, a lot of artists I listen to came from the man Heaps himself; he's a great guy and has an amazing ear for music. Don't miss out! I'll be doing work with them in the near future as well, so watch out!

What's more? Some surprise interviews, guests, and a whole lot of indie promotion. I'm back and I'm ready to take this to the next level. I'll be giving you more details of that many changes coming to you on WFSL. Excited? Probably not..I am though..so yeahhhhhh...

Peacepeace & much love for sticking around,

- Beatwize


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